Foodsharing Heriot-Watt

Do you know that Scottish households throw away 630,000 tonnes of food waste every year?
And over two thirds of this could have been avoided if it had been planned, stored and managed better.
Avoidable food waste costs Scotland over £1 billion!

So let’s do something and change this statistic.









One way you can reduce your food waste is by taking and sharingsurplus food that otherwise would go to the bin. You can always do this by offering your surplus food to your mate or turn them into one of Love Food Hate Waste’s leftover masterpieces.
Or you can share it on Foodsharing HW page.

Foodsharing HW is a Facebook group where you can take and share surplus food. Post any surplus food you want to share or take any food you want from the group , for free. Food offered on the group has to be fit for human consumption and please arrange pick-up time that suits both sharer and taker.

Foodsharing HW is supported by Foodsharing Edinburgh, and to learn more about their project, please click here.
The concept is based on the German Foodsharing project, to learn more about the project, please click here 

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