Recycle and get new office furniture

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Office furniture can be a nightmare to get rid of when you’re finished with it, as it’s often big and bulky.

Equally, new desks and chairs can be expensive to buy when you need them.

Our solution is WARPit – an online tool staff at Heriot-Watt can use to have furniture they no longer need removed – and to find great second-hand furniture, all on campus.

Need furniture removed?

All you need to do is tell the procurement team, and they’ll come and take it away.

We’ll then do any repairs and refurbishment needed, and offer it to others at the University – saving money and reducing the environmental impact of buying new items.

Need new furniture?

Whether you’re looking for chairs, desks, or other office furniture, you can view what WARPit has available online, or come down to the on-campus warehouse to choose your new furniture.

Getting your furniture from WARPit is a great way to save money and cut your carbon footprint.

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