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Life is more fun when you share

If you’re one of the many people who drive regularly to campus, then using our Liftshare scheme will save you money. It’ll also cut traffic jams, reduce air pollution, free up car park space, and quite possibly make life a little bit easier as well!

There’s a big financial advantage to it: the average commuter could save more than £900 per year by sharing a lift.

Car-sharing is also a great way of lessening the environmental impact of the daily commute, not to mention the stress. Did you know that there are 38 million empty car seats on UK roads every rush hour? But if half of UK motorists got a lift just 1 day a week, it would cut pollution by 10% and traffic jams by 20%.

The average commuter could save more than £900 per year by sharing a lift

Our Liftshare scheme

Hundreds of us travel by car to campus each day, so we’ve set up our own scheme to help people share lifts. Whether you’re a driver with some spare seats or a passenger looking for a ride, our online Liftshare service will match you up. You can then make arrangements that work for everyone.

Liftshare is a completely free service. You can choose to be matched only to Heriot-Watt people, or all of Edinburgh’s commuters.

Either way, as soon as you find a suitable match you can look forward to saving money, reducing your environmental impact, lessening congestion, and maybe even having a happier commute! You might make some new friends, too.

Find out more and register by visiting our Liftshare page.

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