Facilities for cyclists


There are plenty of places to leave your bike on campus – and you can even get a shower if you’ve been pedalling hard! You can find all our cycle parking and showering facilities on this map:


(Click on map for larger view)

Click on each location below to see details of cycling facilities on offer there:


Main Reception

1 rail either side of main door of James Watt Centre. Space for approximately 4 bikes on each rail.

Pend leading to EBS

1 rail with space for approximately 5 bikes.

Henry Prais Building (SML)

7 Sheffield racks. Space for 2 bikes on each rack.


1 rail with space for approximately 5 bikes.

Robert Bryson Hall

Bike shed beside residence – not accessible without key.

Gait 3

Rails beside William Arrol Building. Space for approximately 6 bikes.

Gait 3 Sheds

2 sheds on Gait 3, with 4 Sheffield racks each. Space for approximately 8-10 bikes in each shed.

Gait 2 Sheds

6 Sheffield racks in one, 9 in another and 12 in the last.

Gait 1

1 shed, red, with space for approximately 20 bikes.

Research Park

7 Sheffield racks.

Medical Centre

5 Sheffield racks.

Leonard Horner Hall

Several racks outside residence.


11 Sheffield racks.


There are showers (some require a key) in:


David Brewster Building/Physics

2nd floor.

William Arrol/ex-Civil & Offshore

Disabled toilet opposite room 1.13 and directly above on 2nd floor.

Edwin Chadwick Building/Building and Surveying

On the ground floor beside the technical staff room.

John Muir Building/Biological Sciences

1st Floor.

Coulson/Mech & Chem Eng. North

Ground floor NG8.

Coulson/Mech & Chem Eng. South

Ground floor G34.

Earl Mountbatten Building/Computing and Electrical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering: Conoco building

Ground floor 1 ladies, 1 gents.

Petroleum Engineering: TRL building

Ground floor 1 shower.

Please note that if a shower hasn’t been used regularly it’s a good idea to run it for 5 minutes or so, to remove water that’s been sitting in the pipes – this is to help prevent Legionnaires’ disease.


Never fear, there are puncture repair kits spread around campus for all staff and students to use. Should you require a innertube these can be purchased from Oriam’s reception via the Bike Bothy.

You can find kits in:


  • Tom Patten Building G1.1
  • Earl Mountbatten Building: 1.24 (8:30-5pm) School office
  • William Arrol Building: 1.42
  • Henry Prais Building: G.09
  • Oriam Reception: until 9pm (this kit also includes a pedal spanner, a chain splitter and a full set of allen keys).

If you find anything missing from any of the kits then please contact Oriam or Chris Sellar on c.sellar@hw.ac.uk

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