Sustainable Labs

The Sustainable Labs project is run by Transition Heriot-Watt in collaboration with the Estates team.

The project was started when a member of staff approached the Transition team to discuss how their lab could be more water efficient. The project is focused on empowering staff and students to take positive actions in their labs to reduce the impact of research on the environment. To support this aim we run a range of activities, events and resources to inspire action.

We also want to recognise excellent sustainable lab practices when they occur, and we have created the first Sustainable Lab Awards to showcase these efforts. Make sure to tell us about your resource saving achievements!


The following guides are full of practical, simple actions you can take in the lab. The student focused comic highlights three key steps which you can take, while the Best Practice Guide and posters for staff offer comprehensive advice for turning your lab green.

If you would like physical copies of the guides or posters, or further information, please email
















Key Contacts

If you would like to access PDFs or physical copies of these resources please contact:

For advice on sustainability and to access plug-in monitors please contact:

Salix Funding

Salix Finance provides interest-free Government funding to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills.

Get in touch with Chris Larkins if you have ideas on how your lab could save energy, and you would like to discuss funding options.